What Owners Need to Know About Risk and Business Insurance – Josh Fifield

Understanding business insurance may not be the reason you went into business in the first place, but not understanding risk, coverage, and compliance could undermine everything you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

In today’s interview, we talk with Josh Fifield, Senior Account Executive at Clark Insurance. He shares some new forces that could be driving up your costs, including Social Inflation and Social Engineering, and what you can do to protect what you’ve built.


What Owners Need to Know About Branding – Sean Wilkinson

What is branding, and how can it help your business grow? What’s the difference between branding and marketing? Is branding only important to big corporations like Apple and Nike, or can it make a difference to a small, growing business in Maine?

In today’s episode, we chat with branding expert Sean Wilkinson of Might & Main, on what goes into a successful brand, and how you can improve your own company’s brand.


What Owners Need to Know About Leadership and Communication – Seth Rigoletti

What Owners Need to Know About Leadership and Communication - Seth RigolettiEvery great leader–in business or in life–needs to learn communication skills. If there’s a communication breakdown with your team, you can’t accomplish your goals and objectives.

But how do you know if you’re doing a good job? And if you see an opportunity for growth, what changes can you make to improve?

We’ll dive into what every great leader and owner needs to know about communication in this week’s episode with leadership and communication coach, Seth Rigoletti.


What Owners Need to Know About Maine’s Changing Economic and Workforce Situation – Yellow Breen

What Owners Need to Know About Maine's Changing Economic and Workforce Situation - Yellow BreenMDF, The Maine Development Foundation, plays an important role in Maine’s business ecosystem.

Led by Executive Director Yellow Breen, this non-partisan organization is helping to revitalize Maine’s downtowns and elevate our next generation of leaders.

They have their finger on the pulse of the changes that are impacting Maine’s economic and workforce situation, and what needs to happen to improve them.


What Owners Need to Know About Assessment Tools for Hiring – Barry Nelson

Discover how the right assessment tools and technologies can improve your hiring process, making sure you’re getting the right person in the right position at the right time, so your business can grow and flourish.


Maine Based Businesses: What Owners Need to Know About Running a Business in Maine – Larry Barker

Maine Based Businesses: What Owners Need to Know About Running a Business in Maine - Larry BarkerIt’s been said that it’s difficult to run a successful business in Maine. There are tax issues, regulation issues, and workforce issues. It can be even tougher in the rural sections of the state Yet many business leaders are making it work.

Larry Barker, the President and CEO at Machias Savings Bank has a unique perspective on building a business in Maine, and what it takes to survive and grow a company.

People from all over seek out his business advice, and we have him on today’s episode! So don’t miss out…find out what to do when a new competitor enters your space, how to differentiate yourself from others in your industry, and why becoming a “purpose driven business” can make all the difference.


Do I Really Need a Business Plan? – Kathleen O’Donnell

Do you really need a business plan to succeed and grow your company? If you are looking for funding or financing, those who invest in your success are going to require it. Even if you don’t need outside financial help, a business plan provides a blueprint for your success, and helps uncover stumbling blocks.

In today’s episode, Kathleen O’Donnell from SCORE shares with us why a business plan is important, the elements of a successful plan, and how you can create one that will work for your business.


Skilled Immigrants: Maine’s Hidden Workforce – Stefanie Gill

Skilled Immigrants: Maine's Hidden Workforce - Stefanie GillWith the unemployment rate in Maine–and the entire US–at a historic low, it’s often difficult for companies to find the skilled workers they need to grow.

But according to Stephanie Gill of IntWork, the solution may be hidden in plain sight.

Maine has plenty of skilled workers in the form of work-ready immigrants who were STEM workers in their own country and are proficient English speakers. What do you need to know to tap into this workforce and start growing your company here in Maine?


How to Write Your Business Book – Julie Anne Eason

Writing a book about your business, industry, or professional expertise will immediately provide you a new level of credibility. As an author, you’ll get asked to speak more often, get calls from journalists looking to speak with an expert, and be able to close more deals.

But how do you write this book? How do you get started? Get published? What are all the things you need to know along the way?

In this episode of Fast Forward Maine, we talk to Julie Anne Eason who has helped dozens of business owners turn their know-how into books that attract and convert customers.


Finding the Right Business Mentor: An Entrepreneur’s Guide – Tom Rainey

The Maine Center for Entrepreneurs has some amazing programs like Top Gun, Cultivator, and MarketShare Accel, to support growing Maine businesses and the entrepreneurs that power them.

One constant in all their programs is mentors. Why are they so important? How can they fast track your growth? How do you find one that’s right for you? And if you’re looking to mentor someone, how can find the right mentee?

We get into all of this and the offerings of the MCE with Executive Director Tom Rainey.