What Owners Need to Know About E-Commerce – Becky McKinnell

What Owners Need to Know About E-Commerce

Selling online is more than just slapping up a website with pictures and prices. Becky McKinnell, founder of iBec Creative, where they’re known for building successful ecommerce sites, encourages you to think like a customer when it comes to offering them a website with the best customer experience. But you also want to make sure you’re intertwining email and social media to help map out your customer’s journey and sell to them in a unique way.


What Owners Need to Know About Government Contracts – Bryan Wallace

Have you ever wanted to go after government contracts, but were unsure where to start? Federal, state, and municipal projects come up all the time, at all different sizes for all different types of companies and industries. Find out how you can stay on top of these projects and how to land them, with procurement expert Bryan Wallace of the Maine Procurement Technical Assistance Center.


What Owners Need to Know About Customer Service – John Kenneally

If there’s one thing John Kenneally would want all businesses to remember, it’s that without customers your business doesn’t exist. That being said, how do you make sure you’re giving the best customer service?  Well, the emotional intelligence and social intelligence of the people you hire play a huge role in that.

Certainly hiring people with empathy and a clear understanding of empathy, self-awareness, and social skills is going to be a great place to start. But what if you have a great team that lacks effective social skills?  Luckily – unlike your I.Q. – these are things that can be trained and taught.


Hiring Veterans and Transitioning Military: What You Need to Know – Bill Benson

Hiring Veterans and Transitioning Military: What You Need to KnowMaine needs skilled, experienced workers, and transitioning military might be at least part of the answer. Boots2Roots is an organization that helps transitioning military find and land jobs in Maine, playing matchmaker with companies and organizations that are looking for a wide variety of skilled employees. Executive Director, Bill Benson, shares why Maine employers and veterans make such a perfect match.


What Owners Need to Know About Intellectual Property – Andrew Kraus

What Owners Need to Know About Intellectual Property - Andrew KrausTrademarks. Copyrights. Intellectual property. What do you need to know about these items to protect your ideas, and how do you stay out of hot water when it comes to work for hire, contractors, and social media?

This week we speak with Andrew Kraus of Opticliff Law, an IP expert, on what growing businesses need to know about all forms of protection for ideas and how to avoid trampling on someone else’s rights.


What You Need to Know About Business Plans – Gigi Guyton

Are you running your business without a business plan? Is it because the marketing component has you scratching your head? How do you know where to get the information about potential customers and competitors so that you can put together a meaningful plan?

In this week’s episode, we’ll chat with Certified Business Advisor Gigi Guyton from New Ventures Maine on how to put together an effective business plan and a whole lot more.


What Owners Need to Know About Risk and Business Insurance – Josh Fifield

Understanding business insurance may not be the reason you went into business in the first place, but not understanding risk, coverage, and compliance could undermine everything you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

In today’s interview, we talk with Josh Fifield, Senior Account Executive at Clark Insurance. He shares some new forces that could be driving up your costs, including Social Inflation and Social Engineering, and what you can do to protect what you’ve built.


What Owners Need to Know About Branding – Sean Wilkinson

What is branding, and how can it help your business grow? What’s the difference between branding and marketing? Is branding only important to big corporations like Apple and Nike, or can it make a difference to a small, growing business in Maine?

In today’s episode, we chat with branding expert Sean Wilkinson of Might & Main, on what goes into a successful brand, and how you can improve your own company’s brand.


What Owners Need to Know About Leadership and Communication – Seth Rigoletti

What Owners Need to Know About Leadership and Communication - Seth RigolettiEvery great leader–in business or in life–needs to learn communication skills. If there’s a communication breakdown with your team, you can’t accomplish your goals and objectives.

But how do you know if you’re doing a good job? And if you see an opportunity for growth, what changes can you make to improve?

We’ll dive into what every great leader and owner needs to know about communication in this week’s episode with leadership and communication coach, Seth Rigoletti.


What Owners Need to Know About Maine’s Changing Economic and Workforce Situation – Yellow Breen

What Owners Need to Know About Maine's Changing Economic and Workforce Situation - Yellow BreenMDF, The Maine Development Foundation, plays an important role in Maine’s business ecosystem.

Led by Executive Director Yellow Breen, this non-partisan organization is helping to revitalize Maine’s downtowns and elevate our next generation of leaders.

They have their finger on the pulse of the changes that are impacting Maine’s economic and workforce situation, and what needs to happen to improve them.