Lessons Learned from the Pandemic: Preparing for Your Next Crisis – Tina Oddleifson

Are you prepared for your next business crisis? Whether it’s a recession, once-in-a-lifetime storm, or another pandemic, it’s coming. Discover these lessons learned during COVID so you can be prepared for the next challenge your company faces.  (more…)

Buying or Selling a Business in Maine – Justin Holmes

There are lots of considerations when buying or selling a business. What is the company’s value? How and when will you communicate the sale to the employees, vendors, and customers? What is the exit strategy for the current owner?


Does Your Business Need an Operating System? – Megan Piper

Does your business need an operating system? Maybe that seems like an odd question, because when we think of an operating system, or OS, we think of the software that powers our computers, tablets, or smart phones. But the same approach can turn your struggling business into a growth machine! We’ll learn more about whether or not you need one, and how to implement one in this week’s episode of Fast Forward Maine.


Creating Content Your Customers Will Love – Allie Ulrich

Rich: With a degree in fine art and a drive to learn new techniques and technologies, my guest today has built her marketing career from the ground up. Starting in back offices and admin roles after graduating from the University of Southern Maine, she grabbed whatever bits of creative work she could wrangle and learned as she went.

A passion for writing and intuition for social media and self-promotion materialized in the blog Broke 207 in 2009, and she was able to parlay that experience into writing gigs at the Portland Phoenix, and Mainetoday.com, and eventually into marketing roles in the real estate, higher education, and energy industries.

Her unconventional career path has made her flexible and multi-faceted, to the point where she sometimes refers to herself as the ‘Swiss army knife of marketing professionals’. She is currently the content manager for Envirologix in Portland, Maine. So let’s dive into content marketing with Allie Ulrich. Allie, welcome to the show.


Statewide Broadband in Maine – The Benefits to Business – Kerem Durdag

Statewide Broadband in Maine – The Benefits to Business – Kerem Durdag

This week on Fast Forward Maine we’re going to be talking about what it will take to bring broadband throughout the state of Maine.

We’ve got President and Chief Operating Office of GWI, Kerem Durdag, with us, to talk about why broadband is essential to the growth, health, and well-being of the people and the business ecosystem here in Maine.


How to Get Your Growing Business Funded in Maine – Diane Sturgeon

There are plenty of places to get your growing business funded in Maine. Banks, Credit Unions, FAME, and alternative lending sources abound.


Workforce, Immigrants, and DEI – What Owners Need to Know – Tae Chong

Maine has a workforce problem. Although no one solution will fix it all, today we speak with Tae Chong about how immigrants and a healthy approach to DEI can make a big difference for your business and for Maine.

Have you noticed all the help wanted signs out there? Retail stores and restaurants have taken to reducing hours or even temporarily shutting down, just because they don’t have enough people to work.

Well, we can’t solve Maine’s workforce problem overnight, or with just one solution, but in today’s episode we’re going to look at one underutilized source for filling those vacancies in Maine and in your company.


PR & Earned Media for Your Company: What Owners Need to Know – Kristan Vermeulen

This week on Fast Forward Maine we’re going to be talking about how to generate positive press and media coverage for your company.

We’ve got PR expert and podcaster Kristan Vermeulen on the show and she’s going to talk about everything that goes into good PR, from developing your brand story, to developing relationships with journalists, to the evolving role of PR in a social media world.


What Owners Need to Know About Branding – Emily Brackett

What goes into the branding of a growing business? Is it your logo? Your colors? Your business cards or trucks? In today’s episode we talk to branding expert Emily Brackett on what goes into a successful company brand and what impact it has on your bottom line.


What Owners Need to Know About Sales Growth – Tom Morgan

Tom Morgan

As business owners and leaders, we all want more sales. How do we get that? Is it by hiring better sales people? Lowering our prices? Better marketing material? Before you take any of those steps, you need to understand the customer journey, which has changed dramatically over the past year. In this week’s episode, we chat with Tom Morgan, sales trainer and consultant, on the role of the salesperson in your organization. We talk about the customer journey, the impact of COVID on the sales process, and the one thing that’s missing from most successful sales teams. If you’re looking to generate more sales from your ideal customers, stop what you’re doing and hit the play button now on this week’s episode!