Is Your Company Poised for Growth? – Michelle Neujahr

Is Your Company Poised for Growth?A lot of business owners say they’re interested in business growth, but there are real and imagined roadblocks along the way. Is your company ready for growth, or do you need to “shore up” your resources first?

More importantly, are you ready for growth? Many business owners are secretly sabotaging their own growth and success. Discover whether you’re keeping yourself from growing, and what to do about it with business growth expert, Michelle Neujahr.


The Secrets to Public Speaking Success – Lee Ann Szelog

The Secrets to Public Speaking SuccessDo you enjoy public speaking? According to studies, few of us do. In fact, many people fear public speaking more than death!

Yet, in business we’re constantly involved in public speaking. Whether we’re on stage, at a board meeting, doing a sales presentation, or just speaking to a co-worker, it’s all public speaking.

In today’s episode, we speak with Lee Ann Szelog, who trains business people on how to speak with confidence and authority, regardless of the setting.

Whether you’re looking for a promotion, a sale, or to rally the troops, you’ll get a lot of actionable tips from Lee.


The Role of PR in Your Growing Business – Linda Varrell

The Role of PR in Your Growing Business - Linda VarrellPublic relations, or PR, is about a lot more than crisis management, but it is critical to have a plan in place in case things go wrong.

PR expert Linda Varrell stops by the Fast Forward Maine studios this week to talk about crisis management, the role of PR in your company, how PR impacts how people see your business, and a whole lot more.

If you’ve ever wondered how PR fits in with your business strategy, you’ll want to check out our interview with Linda!


ESOP 101: What You Need to Know About Employee Stock Ownership Plans – Kate Whitehead

ESOP 101: What You Need to Know About Employee Stock Ownership Plans - Kate WhiteheadEach year, more companies are turning to ESOPs to fuel growth. They increase employee engagement, provide owners an exit strategy, and have incredible tax benefits.

What is an ESOP? Is it right for your business? Will you get all the value you can out of your company? Will it benefit the employees and your community? Do you even qualify for an ESOP?

Katy Whitehead from BerryDunn answers all these questions and more for owners who want to understand ESOPs and their role in growing companies.


Should you start a podcast for your business? – Tanner Campbell

Should you start a podcast for your business?Podcasts are going mainstream. Apple spun off podcasts from iTunes into Apple Podcasts. Spotify has jumped in and is now the fastest growing podcast aggregator in the world. Google has made it even easier to listen to podcasts on Android devices. And Stitcher puts all the world’s podcasts into your car radio.

So, how can you leverage this increase in podcast listeners? What type of content should you be creating? And maybe most importantly, how can you turn listeners into customers?

This week we have Tanner Campbell from the Podcast Pod joining us in the studio to discuss how businesses can capitalize on podcasts, how to build an audience, and how to turn attention into business.

If you’ve ever wondered how to get started in business podcasting, or you just want to improve the business podcast you already have, read on!


How Growing Companies Need to Market Themselves – Lou Zambello

How Growing Companies Need to Market ThemselvesMost growing businesses don’t invest enough in their marketing. Are you guilty of the same?

In this week’s episode we speak with Lou Zambello of Opus Consulting on how growing business need to market their businesses.

He has advice for marketing B2B vs B2C companies, how to break through all the noise out there to deliver your message, and what the right mix of online and offline marketing is.

If you’re not sure if your message is reaching or resonating with your audience, today’s episode will point you in the right direction!


Are Badges the Future of Education? – Charlie Collins

What’s the future of higher education and training…and what does it have to do with your business?

You’re familiar with diplomas, and the education requirements that your employees need. You’re probably also aware of CE credits, so that your team can stay certified.

But are you aware of badges? Bite-sized, certified, specific pieces of training that can help your employees grow and become more valuable.

Today we’re talking to Charles Collins of the Maine Community College System on how badges are changing education, and how they can change your business as well.


How to Build an Effective Work Team – Patrick Veroneau

How to Build an Effective Work Team - Patrick VeroneauAs you grow your business, you’ll need to develop effective teams to succeed. In this week’s episode leadership expert Patrick Veroneau speaks to us about the five dysfunctions of poorly performing teams, and how to build a work team that will grow your business.


Grow Your Business with Scratchpad Accelerator! – Jason Harkins

Grow Your Business with Scratchpad Accelerator!Looking to grow your Maine-based business? Are you scalable and looking for investment? Ready for your seed round?

If so, then Scratchpad Accelerator may be for you!

In this episode, we talk to Jason Harkins about Scratchpad Accelerator’s role in helping Maine business scale up, and quickly!


Family Owned Business in Maine: Challenges and Opportunities – Catherine Fossett

There are plenty of unique obstacles and opportunities for a family owned business. From succession plans to family dynamics, these companies face challenges other companies don’t run into.

Thankfully, there’s an organization in Maine dedicated to helping these businesses grow and improve: The Institute for Family-Owned Business.