The Four Ways to Get Your Business Funded – Don Gooding

The Four Ways to Get Your Business Funded - Don Gooding, Singity

Whether you run a startup or have been in business for years, chances are at some point you’ve wanted access to more money.

But how do you get that cash injection, and what is the right financial tool for your business?

This week we’ve got Don Gooding on the show, talking about the Four Colors of Money. What are these four colors you ask? Read on!


Made in Maine with Tammy Knight

Made in Maine with Tammy Knight

Are you a “maker?” Do you have a physical product that you’re producing or manufacturing here in Maine? Did you know that Made in Maine can help you? To discover how, check out this week’s Fast Forward Maine podcast episode now!


The Six Financial Employees Your Company Needs to Succeed – Jim Reilly

All growing businesses look to hire employees who can help with their finances, but many end up hiring the right person for the wrong role.

Maybe you need someone to just handle transactions, or reconcile your books, or help you with mergers and acquisitions.

Hiring the wrong person, whether you hire above or below your needs, can lead to costly mistakes.

To make sense of this all, this week we speak with Jim Reilly, an independent financial consultant to businesses to help them find the right person to fill their different financial needs.


Start ME Up! Relaunching Startup Maine – Katie Shorey

Katie Shorey shares what’s new with Startup Maine, June 19th – 21st.


What Maine Businesses Need to Know About HR – Angela Hansen

What Maine Businesses Need to Know About HR - Angela Hansen

Do you have a full HR department or just someone who handles HR along with all the other hats they have to wear?

In today’s episode, we talk to Angela Hansen of KMA Human Resource Consulting, who breaks down everything your growing business needs to know about HR. What are the bare minimums? What’s legally required? Do you really need an employee handbook? What happens when things go really, really wrong?

If you’d like to make sure you’ve got your bases covered, be sure to check out this episode of Fast Forward Maine!


The Maine SBA is Working for You – Amy Bassett

The Maine SBA is Working for You - Amy Bassett

If you’re a small business in the state of Maine looking for help or advice, the Small Business Administration can be of assistance. Through leadership training, certification programs, and other initiatives, the SBA is helping Maine businesses grow. 
This week we’re joined by Amy Bassett, the District Director of SBA’s Maine district office, who shares what her organization is doing and how you can benefit.


Launching the Fast Forward Maine Podcast

This is where it all starts! Rich Brooks from flyte new media and Yury Nabakov from Machias Savings Bank explain the genesis of the Fast Forward Maine podcast and what you can expect in upcoming episodes.