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Retail Association Maine - FFMEMaine Retail Recovery: COVID, Holiday Shopping and E-Commerce

Co-presented by Fast Forward Maine and Retail Association of Maine

Join Rich Brooks & Yury Nabokov and Curtis Picard, President & CEO, Retail Association of Maine, as they navigate the challenges of the 2020 shopping season in Maine.

Date: September 21, 2020
9:00 – 12:00

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Topic 1: Holiday Shopping and Buying Local in 2020 by Curtis Picard

Curtis Picard of Retail Association of Maine will discuss how Maine’s small business retailers can help navigate the challenges of the 2020 holiday shopping season. Many retailers rely on the holiday shopping season for a successful year, but the COVID-19 virus has changed the way people shop and how retailers do business. Will your experience this summer carry over through the holidays? How will small business retailers compete for sales while keeping customers physically distanced and safe? Will you change your marketing and customer service strategies from previous years? Maine’s retailers have worked hard this year to navigate so many unknowns. Let’s work together to finish 2020 strong and hope for a full recovery in 2021.

Topic 2: Building an Effective E-Commerce Site for COVID and Beyond by Rich Brooks

COVID-based restrictions may have slowed in-person retail business, but people are still looking to browse, shop, and buy. To take advantage of this shift from foot traffic to web traffic, your website needs to be up to the challenge.

And don’t expect consumer behavior to go back to the way it was once the pandemic is over. The psychological impact of months of dealing with COVID, social distancing, and work-from-home will change how people interact with the stores they buy from. The changes you make now will have benefits going forward. Don’t lose business to online-only retailers and out-of-state competition because you didn’t make the necessary changes to your site.

What are the features that today’s consumer is looking for and expecting from your website? In this session we’ll look at the changes you need to make to your site RIGHT NOW to take advantage of this change in consumer behavior.

Topic 3: Delivering Amazing Retail Customer Experience During COVID by Yury Nabokov

COVID has changed the way we shop online and off. The amazing customer experience you had been delivering may no longer be possible or even desirable to your customers who are looking for a safe shopping experience. However, this can be beneficial to the long term health of your business if you anticipate how customers will change their habits and position yourself to build stronger relationships with them through exceptional, repeatable experiences.

During this session we’ll explore a set of tools that you can use to understand how you’re performing and adapting to the changing needs of your customers so that you can win new customers and keep your current base loyal.

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