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What Owners Need to Know About Millennials and Gen Z – Leah Gulliver

Maine has a challenge in keeping young people here in the state. But as owners and employers, we can do our part to keep them here, or get them to return after college. What they need is opportunity. But are there challenges in finding, hiring, and managing a young person? Leah Gulliver from Eastern Maine […]

What Owners Need to Know About Diversity – Dr. Chris Hunt

Diversity. Equity. Inclusion. What do those terms each mean, and how can you implement each in your business? Chris Hunt, the Associate Provost for Community, Equity, and Diversity at the University of New England joins us today to talk about the power of a diverse workforce, and the benefits it brings your company. Discover how […]

What Owners Need to Know About Shared Leadership – Kevin Hancock

When CEO Kevin Hancock was diagnosed with spasmodic dysphonia at a critical, challenging time for his company, he wondered how he could lead his team out of the housing bust. However, he discovered the power of shared leadership, which he wrote about in his book The Seventh Power. In this week’s interview, Kevin shares with […]

What Owners Need to Know About High-Performing Female Employees – Jodi Flynn

High-performing women often have more barriers to overcome than their male counterparts, both internally and externally. To support their professional growth and to improve your own business, you need to understand what might be keeping them from leveling up and make sure they have the resources to succeed. This week we talk to business coach […]

What Owners Need to Know About Hiring an Executive Assistant – Derek Volk

As an owner, do you have too many things to get done in a day? Are you often the bottleneck in your own business growth? Do you find yourself working late nights and weekends, and missing time with your family? Have you considered hiring an Executive Assistant? Derek Volk, President of Volk Packaging, shares with […]

What Owners Need to Know About an LGBTQ Friendly Workforce – Ed Patterson

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion, has become a goal for many businesses, but what does it exactly mean? Are there real and tangible benefits of DE&I, or becoming an LGBTQ-friendly workforce? We sit down with Ed Patterson, Head of Global Communications for Hill+Knowlton, to talk about what companies should be doing today.

What Owners Need to Know About Maine’s Economic Recovery Plans – Joshua Broder

The coronavirus has ravaged Maine’s business ecosystem with no end in sight. Businesses, schools, and organizations are opening, but with many restrictions. How do we get out of this? What is Maine’s economic plan for recovery? Today, we talk to Joshua Broder, CEO of Tilson and co-chair on Governor Mills’ economic recovery committee to see […]

What Owners Need to Know About Masterminds – Rich Brooks

Do you ever wish you could get free business advice from someone in your industry, or who has been through what you’re going through now? The answer may be in joining or starting a mastermind. What is a mastermind, and how do you run one? Great questions, which we’ll answer in this episode.